Health Problems and Complications from Hip Replacement


When men and women get aged they get health problem in their hip region. Women are mostly affected with hip problem. They get lot of suggestion from relative and friends and finally they prefer to meet doctor for their hip problems. The doctor prefers them some list of test and get back to result, the fact that they were affected by health issues will be reviled later.

Many of these people were also suggested to undergo surgery. It is to be noted that these surgeries must be done on time or else they will lead to some severe problems. The hip replacement surgery is one of the most common surgery methods which are commonly preferred now a day.

The hip replacement surgery is of three types and the metal used in hip replacement surgery gives some flexibility and strength. The problem is the patients are not aware of the kind of material used for their surgery. In most cases the device made from ceramic or plastic or combination will be used. People thinks that everything is fine in them once after the surgery is being done. But this metal creates more problem after the surgery.

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Mesh used After Hysterectomy


There are various diseases which effect human body at certain age but in women uterus and cervix diseases are very common. After menopause or childbirth, vaginal infection has great possibilities. At the age of 50 to 80 women face lot of problems in lower abdomen because of which doctors suggest hysterectomy treatment.

The uterus and cervix is totally removed in some cases and in few radical means partial organs are removed like vagina is not removed but other organs such as follicle tubes, ovaries and cervix are completely removed.

After surgery a major problem occurs in majority of cases i.e. left organs starts falling down in vagina, for such problem mesh used after hysterectomy. It is a kind of supportive device which is planted inside the vagina for support.

All organs rest upon the mesh and keep vagina safe from complications. This is inserted through operation or vaginal opening, depending upon the condition of the patient. In white women, problems related to vagina and uterus is very common. The complete mesh plantation operation takes at least 2 hours if normal conditions are found.

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Side Effects of Infuse Device


What is infuse bone graft? People who had problem in cervical area, they were used infuse product. In 2002, the FDA granted approvals to Medtronic infuse bone graft for surgery, but for limited use in lower spine and also for dental procedures. It is a medical device that contains a genetically engineered protein which is designed to stimulate bone growth and also replaced the damaged spinal disks. Medtronic Infuse “off-label” use in neck surgery and so on. At first, it was used by many patients.

How does it work?

It is surgically placed where new born is needed. It attracts our body’s own bone-building cells and then bone started to grow where the infuse bone graft placed.

side effects of Infuse device:

Although Medtronic infuse “off-label” has limited use in surgery, it is used in different places which is not approved by FDA. As a result of such procedures, the United States have experienced number of serious problems and life-threatening complications. Such as:

· Difficulty speaking

· Inflammatory reactions

· Bone overgrowth

· Breathing problems

· Sudden death

· Nerve damage

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